A detailed photo of "Who Am I" oil painting on canvas.

Laura Rosenfeld grew up in Buffalo, New York. Moving to the west coast after high school, she was an offset pressman for almost 20 years. During this time she worked with community organizations in Seattle and San Francisco. Laura has a BFA with High Distinction from the California College of the Arts (formerly the California College of Arts and Crafts) and an MFA in Pictorial Arts from San Jose State University.

After graduate school, Laura became responsible for the painting program at Northern Kentucky University, as an assistant professor in painting. She moved to Santa Fe with her husband, in 2000. Currently she is an Associate Professor of Drawing, Painting and Foundations at Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

To say that we are human-centric is the
ultimate understatement.

We are human-centric, and have been for a very very long time.
Central in our destructive infestation, yet so un-essential.

We spiral on; our progress is tediously repetitive.

But an optimist would call it progress.

I work in a contemporary narrative mode to convey
my understanding of an event or situation.

Animals and plants are often a central aspect of the images as
visual clues to the narrative.

Landscape has become a vehicle to look more closely at our
effect on the natural world
and the hypnotic beauty of small things.